Teatteri Sture

Teatteri Sture is a theatre as well as an electronic music night club in Helsinki. The club is open on Fridays and Saturdays 22-05/06 as well as public holiday eves. Our goal is to empower the local electronic music culture, especially harder electronic music and under-represented subgenres.


At Teatteri Sture you can hear Techno, Drum 'n' Bass, Hardcore, Psytrance and much more. The program consists mainly of local artists and the theatre is regularly taken over by DJ collectives: KOVA Sound, Warehouse Kids, ID Crisis, Mindcore, Psynight as well as visiting collectives and DJ guests. At Teatteri Sture you will hear DJ sets by experienced DJ's as well as fresh talent.


Buy tickets at the entrance during opening hours by card or cash. The entrance is 10€ and free before 23:00. Reserve also 3€ for the cloakroom. We do not sell pre-tickets.

Event info

We will inform about our events by email and Instagram. Join the email list here, Telegram here or follow us on Instagram.


Every guest must follow our rules. Breaking the rules will lead to a warning and/or exclusion from the space.

  1. Respect the space and its surroundings
  2. Do not photo/videograph other guests. DJ photos/videos and selfies are ok
  3. No harrassment, bullying, racism or other disturbing, discriminative or harmful behaviour 
  4. No own drinks, visit the bar
  5. Leave jackets and bags to cloakroom
  6. K18, have a valid ID with you
  7. No loud speaking/shouting at the theatre room
  8. Return any lost & found to the staff
  9. Inform the staff of any problem you notice
  10. No smoking indoors